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i³ Insights from Experience

We bring decades of experience to medical technology companies to drive down costs and fine tune business practices to work as smoothly and efficiently as the devices they make. Breadth of experience with large and small companies enables I³ MedTech to right-size operations for your company.

i³ Integrated Business & Manufacturing Solutions

Designing and manufacturing medical devices can be complicated. Even with a game-changing design, success isn’t guaranteed.

Your business operations should be crafted to support your success through compliant, integrated and streamlined processes and technologies to maximize quality and minimize overhead.

Whether you need a roadmap to manufacture your device, ops remediation for quality issues or assistance eliminating waste that drags down your bottom line, I³ MedTech can help.

i³ Integrity. Always

We commit to the highest ethical standards in business practices: trust, openness, honesty and respect.

Our Specialties

“We solve technical and operational problems for the medical industry.”

Operations Strategy and Planning

Operations Infrastructure Development

Operations Optimization

Enterprise Integration

Design Transfer & Changes

Supply Chain development/management

Inventory Management

Product Realization, Production and Process Controls


Process Validations

Make vs. Buy

Insource vs. Outsource

RA/QA-Integrated Operations policies and procedures

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